09 July 2014

Wrangling it all up

I worked on my Market Bag while we were at the beach yesterday...

As well as adding a few rows to my socks while Pokey and Hobbit played in the sand and surf.

I may not be a fan of the beach but I sure do love the memories Hobbit is making while we're there.

I also get to take some pretty awesome photographs of some really fabulous things that only happen while we're there.

Today it is raining so Hobbit and I are just goofing around inside.  She's channeling her inner Rita Skeeter.

We got all dolled up playing with my make up simply because we could... silly, cheesy things that we are.

Now it's time to finish up this shawl - only have a handful of rows left.  All lace.  Should be fun!
Don't forget - today is the last day to enter for the pattern book giveaway and the Cuppycake Yarnz giveaway.  I'll announce the winners tomorrow.  There is also the TIG giveaway still going strong - that winner will be chosen on Sunday. 

Good luck to everyone and I hope y'all are having a fabulously productive day full of giggles and grins.


  1. The lipstick and nail color look fabulous on Hobbit. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy at least sort-of the beach. I miss it, but I'd lobster so quickly if I was able to go. (And that's with the super-duper sunscreen. )

    1. You and me both. There is just no tanning in my genes - all burning though. I was okay in my little bit of shade so it wasn't too terrible. Pokey is wanting to get a canopy for me with a screen and a moveable sunshade - that's how much they love the beach... lol.


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