04 October 2014

10 days straight

What I've made in September for HPKCHC
Oh my stars, am I whooped.  I come back from a fabulous vacation to work 10 days straight.  It's exhausting.  A new month means a new schedule and some times, it just works out that way where you work one week that is very long during the transition.  This was one of those times.

Poor Pokey has it worse because he is on his 13th day as of this morning.  They did a system change the week we got back and he's been dealing with that every day.  Today was supposed to be his first day off as well but unfortunately, one of the women he works with was in a head-on collision returning from lunch yesterday.  She's in pretty bad shape - broken knee, wrist, and possible internal damage that we have yet to be updated on - so prayers for her healing would be greatly appreciated.  Pokey's boss had originally asked someone else to come in because she has nowhere near as many hours banked as the rest of the team but she said no.  She's an ugly soul anyway.  That left Pokey.  He could have said no as well but it's not his nature so he's currently opening the doors and smiling at customers as he gets his day started.  It is raining so I hope people just decide to wait until Monday to deal with their cable.

Even with all the hustle and bustle, I've managed to craft a little bit in the evenings to keep my sanity.  I made a little owl ornament and a bathroom rug when we got home from Disney.  Currently, I'm making a new Christmas tree skirt because we bought a beautiful new tree for this year.  It's a gorgeous one with crimson berries, pine cones, and even snow on the branches!  To celebrate our new tree, I decided it needed a new skirt... that and it's three feet taller than our last little tree so the old skirt would look silly under it.  Here's where I am so far...
Not bad for two days worth of work.  I hope to have it done by month's end.  Just taking it slow.
I've got some Christmas knitting to pick back up on too which will break up working on this skirt nicely.  Granted, I've been working on the Christmas knitting since about June so here's hoping it won't take until next June to finish - I am so painfully slow at knitting.

Time to get started on my day.  It will consist of cleaning and laundry because I need to get caught up from the past 10 days.  Plus, I'd like to spend Sunday doing nothing at all so that Pokey can recharge on his only day off before we're all back to the grind on Monday.  At least things will even out now and I can get back to my normal routines.

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