27 October 2014

Such fun

Okay, so I'm still dealing with Miranda Hart deciding to pull the plug on one of my most favorite shows.  She is so hilarious and if you have a subscription to Hulu then you simply must watch all three seasons of "Miranda" - you'll thank me for it if you've not yet seen it.

This past weekend we went up to see Peanut at school.  It was Parents Weekend and while there were many things that I would love to have changed about it all, getting to spend that time with her was wonderful.  How do I know that it was a blast - I didn't take hardly any photographs!!

We spent the morning wandering around St. George Street.

Peanut's roommate, Peanut, and Hobbit deciding if there is something on the menu they like.

My beautiful Peanut.  My word, I'm so stinking proud of her.  She's grown into a fabulous young lady.

My precious little Hobbit.  One day, she'll be all grown up too - my word, how time flies!

Peanut's roommate soon learned to just 'go with it', as Peanut told her.  She was a sweet girl.

My most awesome - and oh so sexy - Pokey.  I loved having my family all together around the table.

My girls being silly - Peanut is stooping so Hobbit can get her arm around her.

A legendary 4 hour game of Monopoly that ended with Hobbit, who has never played, being victorious!

This game was epic... can you see why?

Peanut showing Hobbit her room - and yes, she drew most of those images on her wall.

After the epic game of Monopoly, we all watched a family favorite - Undercover Blues... someone fell asleep with her puppy.
Spending time with my whole family together brings me such joy.  I love having my entire heart in one spot instead of split across the state.  The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been my parents being able to go too.

Next year, we're just going to hang at my folks' house instead.  Too many tourists and not enough quiet family time... but I'll take any time I can get because I know pretty soon, what little time I have will be gone as well.

Hug your loved ones - call them and tell them you love them if they aren't close by - but never take your family for granted.  The time comes all too quickly when they aren't so never wait for tomorrow what you can tell them today.

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