28 October 2014

Different definitions of luxury

Just something mellow and relaxing on this mellow type of Tuesday.  It's actually been kind of a crummy work day but I am trying really hard to not let it bother me.  My day here is almost over and the best way to stay above it all is to find something fabulous to listen to and get lost in.

I do, however, hope and pray that they call Pokey for an interview regarding that internal position at his company.  It would be a great advancement which would bring him joy, as well as taking some of the necessity pressure off of me which would bring me great joy as well. 

Truthfully, I miss being "just a housewife"... my days were busier and more fulfilling than what I do now which is basically sit tethered to my desk so I can listen to people who believe themselves to be privileged whine over how they aren't getting their way regarding luxury items such as international travel, boutique hotels, and off the charts dining reservations.  To these types of people, "things" bring them joy and make them feel accomplished... to me, I'd rather have a tidy house, completed laundry, and a home cooked meal around the family table.

One day, I'm sure I'll be granted the luxury of being a housewife again and until that time comes, I will do my best to endure the daily grind of ungrateful people... giving thanks that I am not them and taking comfort in the little things... like going to work barefoot every day.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you! I think I would go insane with that whiney small-talk! And I completely agree on your idea of "luxuries"--you are so much more fortunate than them for knowing what's really important. I feel sorry for them--how empty their lives must be knowing nothing else. :o( Good luck to the hubs!


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