10 October 2014

Felt So Good

Okay, after I typed that, I started singing this...

What can I say, I'm a child of the 80s and this was back when he was yet to not be a "Cougar". Old school tunes for the win... but I digress.  What brought on this musical moment for me - I've got another awesome book to share with you!
I know, you're drooling now too... it's okay, you're not alone.
It's actually entitled "Felt So Good" by Tone Rorseth.  If you are trying to cut back on your crafting and have no desire to try something awesome then this is definitely not the book for you.  You will get completely sucked in the moment you turn the first page, daydreaming about all the magnificent things nestled between the covers.  The tongue in cheek title isn't just a tease, Tone fully delivers.
I want to live in the room where those star hang and that beautiful view resides while wearing the colorful cuffs!
Every area of your life is covered - cute accessories, unique jewelry, mind-blowing decorations, and amazing ensemble pieces.  All told, there are over 70 fabulous projects - complete with pattern pages.  The photographs are exquisite, making it beautiful on a whole other level entirely.  You will never look at felt the same way again.
These two items need to be in wardrobe right now.  My life won't be complete until I make them!
I have never done felting of any kind, at least not on purpose.  My husband felted a beautiful sweater that I bought him from our first Christmas when he helped do the laundry.  He washed it in hot and then tossed it in the dryer.  That sweater was worn by our then 3-year-old Hobbit for many years... after that, it became a cozy for his Nook.  That is mere child's play compared to what is found inside this book.
It is a good thing that you can't die for awesome overload because this book would be lethal!
Would you like to have your own copy of these amazing felted and wool designs?  I knew you would.  All you have do is...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Winner will be drawn on October 17th so be sure to get your name in the hat. Just a reminder, when you leave a comment, it won't show automatically so don't fret that it's not there. It will show up shortly. This contest is open to residents in the US only due to publisher paying shipping. Be sure to leave me a valid way to get in touch with you - either email or Ravelry ID.

Good luck everyone!!


  1. Oooh, I'm always up for entering for your books, cause I am intrigued....and next year is my year for me.....so I have to say that freaking bag is amazing! I want to try that!!!!! So bad!!

    1. I want one too! I was thinking of attempting the Sherlock wallpaper hat pattern that is out there but flipping it and turning it into a bag... and then felt it and sew on the yellow happy face. So much pie in the sky for me... lol.


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