18 October 2014


Oh my goodness.  Y'all will not believe this but the other day, when my luck was just beyond belief, the most amazing thing happened.  I didn't tell you about it then because I had already written my blog post of the day and I thought that this deserved it's own.

You see, Pokey stopped by the grocer to pick up some water and to get spending money for Hobbit's field trip.  When he got out of his car, he saw a scratched lottery ticket on the ground.  Apparently none of the numbers matched so the person who scratched it thought it was worthless and just tossed it on the ground.  My husband noticed a symbol on the card that indicated you win whatever the dollar amount totals on the card so he picked it up.  When he took it inside to the customer service desk, they gave him $100!!  Yep, someone basically threw away $100 and my husband was blessed with finding it.

An entire blanket full of neon rainbow goodness.  I can't wait!
After he came home with the water and funds for Hobbit, he turned to me and fanned out the winnings.  He told me the story and then said "Go buy yourself some yarn".  Seriously!  It was perfect timing because I have been wanting to make rainbow mitered granny blanket for months now but the amount of yarn needed was just too much.  Now, I could do it!  I was so tickled - I kissed my husband, grabbed my purse, and was off like a flash to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get my neon yarn.

I told my Ravelry friends about it and one said "it was the universe paying you back for giving the blanket to the horrible lady".  I don't think it was universe so much as God blessing me for being selfless and doing something charitable for a person who has given me no reason to be kind to her other than it was the right thing to do... and like many of His children before me, I did it basically begrudgingly but I did do it... and I learned from it.  It made me think of a quote by James Parnell - "Keep close to the Light and own it alone to be your teacher, guide, and counselor in all the way through which you are to pass, and in all things that you are to do. Stand in the denial of self and all its goals; and own the Light, which leads into singleness of mind unto God away from selfish ends."

Once I finish a few of these WiPs that I have laying around, and a Christmas present or two, I am going to sit down and make myself that blanket.  Every time I finish a square or snuggle under the finished product, I will smile and think of how blessed I truly am in this world.  To be a person of wealth means so much more than having monetary fortunes, it also means to have a life full of love and blessings - and by that definition alone, I am truly wealthy.

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