08 October 2014

Wednesday Wound-Up

Lots of things to wind up and it's only three days in to the week!  Monday started off super busy, as we all had work/school and then as soon as we were done we had to head to Hobbit's school for an Odyssey of the Mind meeting that was followed by the weekly Hollow Diner.  I swear, her school does some pretty awesome stuff.  Yesterday, after work, we all ran to the grocery store to pick the stuff we couldn't get at the one store on Sunday.  Both nights led to late suppers and exhausted family members.

Today was better.  Today was slower.  I think this was because we had nowhere to go today after work.  We're enjoying the nothingness of tonight and we'll enjoy it again tomorrow because the weekend is going to be busy again.  We're meeting my folks at a halfway point to drop off Hobbit on Friday night because on Saturday morning, Pokey and I have a Coaches Training/Meeting for Odyssey of the Mind all day Saturday.  Then on Sunday, we're driving up to get Hobbit back for the week.  It's just nuts.

I did manage to get some crafting done.  I made a Autumn wreath for my front door area.  I don't have a lot of decorations any more - over the years I thinned things out as they got old and kept meaning to replace them but never have so now I'm down to minimal items and the need to make new stuff is creeping in hard.  Anyway, I made this wreath this week and I really love how it turned out.

It's autumnal, right?
Now my little screened in front porch is all yarny and seasonal - two fabulous things that are unique to our little home.  Here is a peek at what it looks like when you come to visit...

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it.
For someone who is not a fan of Halloween at all, I think putting that much love into some awesome bunting is worth noting.  Granted, I made it two years ago but look at how fabulously it has held up being outside for two seasons.  I've been debating making some in just random fun colors because the screened area has hooks all around the top that I could use to secure it.  It would be inside the screened section too so that would protect it a bit from the elements.  Still debating so we'll see.

I made some silly little ornaments this past week too.  I needed something quick and small for Quidditch and these two fit the bill.  Nothing spectacular, just cute.

Maybe I'll just make a ton of them and hang them from the hooks on the porch.
 I'm still plugging along on my Christmas Tree Skirt.  I'm about halfway there now.  I've just finished the 2 rows of white and am moving on to the crimson.  I took a progress picture to update my Ravelry page and you just can't see the different colors.  It all looks black - even with a bounced flash.  Oh well, here it is anyway...
Yes, I made it overlap on purpose to fit nicely over the legs of the new tree.  It should even out then.
See, you can't see the first row of crimson or the one between the two small rows of green, can you.  Oh well.  I know it's there and when I have it done, I will take a proper photograph in the sunshine which will show it off in all it's glory.

I need to find a nice pattern for a lapghan to make Pokey's coworker.  She was in a head-on collision this past week and has been in the hospital.  I wanted to make her something but I am just stumped as to what.  I initially thought shawl but then his friend at work said a lapghan so we'll see.  I've got a skein of purple, her favorite color, in my stash.  Maybe I can figure something pretty out.

Time to scoot.  I'd like to get a few rows in before bed tonight.  I hope you're having a fabulous week so far.  I'll see y'all tomorrow.

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