12 November 2012

Thankful for the small things

I have spent a great deal of time these past two weeks at doctor's offices and I will probably have to spend just a bit more before it is all said and done.  It can be a rather arduous task to sit and wait, paying the constant fees and dealing with random strangers while they poke and prod at you... well, at least it can be for me.  During these times I have taken to counting the tiny blessing so that I don't just break down in exhausted tears over the whole affair.  This was my little list this morning as I waited on hold...
  1. It's "me time".  Sure, it's not where I would like it but it's still a chance to sit and read or work on my projects if I can.
  2. I have fabulous insurance.  My husband's company has a most awesome insurance plan that without, none of these things would even be possible.
  3. Surprise coverage.  I just learned that the things I have to do tomorrow are 100% covered and I don't have to pay anything - best bonus ever!
  4. Answers are eventually coming.  I may not like them but at least I will know what they are and can make a game plan accordingly.
It's not an earth shattering list of realizations but it is a list of things that I bet a lot of people don't really think about very often.  I see the other people in the waiting rooms - some just read, some fall into a lull while they stare at the television and others grow increasingly agitated with each tick of the clock... and I honestly don't blame them because I feel the same way some days.

So when life gets to be stressful and frustrating and full of things that you would rather not have to do or deal with - stop for a minute and find four great things right then... it will lift your mood and help ease the tensions a bit. 

They don't have to be earth shattering, they just have to be honest.

1 comment:

  1. Hang in. Visiting and fighting with the medical world isn't my favorite things, but answers do help. And as you say sitting and waiting is a great time to knit,crochet, and/or read. I can get quite a lot done in-between telling people what I'm doing and explaining that it's quite easy.


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