11 November 2012

A New Reality

Isn't it funny how we always seem to view ourselves as invincible... then reality slaps us in the face.
I know I've been rather quiet but I've had a few things to deal with around here - some of it is still unresolved but there is nothing I can do about it right now.  I make a lot of jokes about losing the genetic lottery but the truth is, it's not funny.  It's a fact that has scared me since I was young enough to comprehend that all of these rotten things can, and probably will, happen to me... and now they have - or at least they are trying to while I do my best to stop them.

My entire life has to change.  These aren't little things either but it's good to know that I have some very sweet friends and very supportive family who are helping and encouraging me.  It's scary... very scary... but I've never been one to just accept things as they are - as if it were final and no room for adjustments.  If it is within my power to change it, I will.  If it is within my power to reverse it or annihilate it, I will.  It won't be easy and I know that... it's not a 'snap your fingers and it's all better' kind of deal.  It's a 'work yourself to the bone, fight it tooth and nail' kind of thing.

Sure, I may have lost the genetic lottery but I won when it comes to drive, determination and intestinal fortitude.  I will come out on top... I have to...

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