19 November 2012


That's all I've been doing today... at least that is what it feels like.  I had to go to the doctor's office this morning and I spent a good two hours waiting there.  I was so over it by the time I got back to see him that I flat out told him that I was fed up feeling like crap and still not having any answers.  I even told him all about the awful woman who was supposed to do my Nerve Conduction Test on Saturday but refused after keeping us waiting for an hour because she didn't feel that I had been in pain long enough for there to be enough nerve damage for her to assess... seriously, she said this to me and I was less than pleased.  Needless to say, he gave me another referral to a different neurologist so who knows what will come of it all now.

After that debacle, I took my car to get a patch put on the rear driver's side.  I made a point to ask how long it would take because I was exhausted and so was Hobbit.  We were told "30 minutes tops"... two and a half hours later we were able to pay our bill and head home.

So I'm thinking that the old adage about "time is money" doesn't mean diddly to most people any more.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a constantly on the go kind of girl but I do like things done in a timely manner.  If someone wants or needs something from me, I make sure to do it in a timely manner for them so they don't have to wonder, worry or wait.  Plus, it's nice to make people happy by getting stuff to them like they asked... just look around a waiting room some time, not many happy campers there.

My wish is to just once, actually be seen at my appointment time or have something get finished within the time quoted - I lost my day due to other people's inability to handle theirs.. and well, that's just not fair.

Sorry for the whining... waiting wears me out.  Here's gratuitous WiP shot for putting up with it.  This was to be my Order of the Phoenix blanket but I end up hurting so badly that I know I won't be able to finish it in six days.  I admitted defeat but on the upside, it is also my Dissertation so I've got another month to redeem myself with it!

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