26 November 2012

Motivational Monday

I'll be writing up the pattern for both with a release in the next few weeks.
Over the course of the last month I saw a lot of people writing lists about what all they were thankful for this past year.  I'm not one to jump on bandwagons so I'm not going to do that but as I was crafting last night, a thought came to me - how thankful I was that I could craft.

Crafting is more than just taking sticks and strings to make an item.  It's soothing, creative and a lot of fun.  I get an idea and instead of wishing that something like it existed in the world, I sit down and bring it to life.  It is a process that brings me joy and still fills me with wonder every time it actually works.

I wish that I had enough money to make little crafting starter sets.  I would have a constant supply available so whenever I see someone who looks miserable, tired, frustrated or just a little lost, I could sit down and teach them how to craft.  That way, instead of all those yucky emotions they would be filled with a peaceful calm and you would see it.  It starts slowly and as soon as the concentrated scrunched face melts away, it will appear - the subtle soft smile of being content.

As my hand gets worse and the possibility of a medically induced crafting hiatus looms in the distance, all I can think about is how fortunate I am to have this knowledge and ability... because without it, life would a lot less fabulous.

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