01 November 2012

I'm sure it's nothing... right?

Sometimes, being left alone with my thoughts is a bad thing.  You see, the past few nights, I have had a dull burning pain that radiates from under my right arm and around the right side of my chest muscle... and yes, I am right handed.  I know that it is from crocheting - I hold my hook rather tight, I've been working a LOT with rather uncooperative yarn so it's more than likely muscle strain.  That's the logical person's rationale for the pain... but...

I kind of lost the genetic lottery.  My PopPop had chronic heart issues coupled with multiple surgeries (he called his scar his "zipper"), my PopPaw died of heart failure and my daddy (who will to this day say he was not sick) had a "silent heart attack" three years ago that resulted in an emergency triple bypass.  I even have a uncle who is only 11 years older than me who has already had a handful of heart surgeries.  When my chest hurts, I get scared.

Last night, I managed to work myself up into a really tizzy... to the point that I have a doctor's appointment as soon as I drop Hobbit off at school this morning.  I don't know what they can tell me but I am going to sit down and tell him everything - even about the anxiety which in some ways is worse than the actual muscle strain.

I'm going to be 40 in 6 weeks - and I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering if or when I'm going to have an issue.  I'm going to nip it in the bud.  Wish me luck... and a prayer or two for good measure.


  1. Thinking of you today and hope that between both the doctor and yourself, can put you and your family's mind at ease. Hope to hear an update.


  2. (hugs) I can only imagine how scary this must be.
    I hope everything turns out to be overcrafting.

  3. Hope the appointment goes well. As well as an appointment about that kind of pain can. Assuming it's muscles and nerves not the heart you might want to ask to see a PT or OT to get a set of nerve glides and stretches to help everything relax and hopefully scream a bit less. Good luck.


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