13 September 2013

Weekend Wonderment

It's coming along better than I imagined so I can't wait to get it finished and figure out the lining.
I'm currently battling a migraine so I have nothing on tap for today but hopefully I can get it under control and it won't ruin my first full weekend off in months.  My plan is to hopefully finish this bag so I can start my Quidditch plans and finish mapping out my Mission pattern... basically, I don't have time for a migraine.  I've been able to sneak in some extra crafting time so I am further ahead than I anticipated on this project, which is fine since it gives me the cushion to take a bit of time off for illness but I don't want to lose my cushion all together, you know?

I know what triggered this episode and, fingers crossed, I can get it gone before my shift tonight so I can enjoy my weekend.  I think I'll curl up in a dark room and cry myself to sleep for a bit... hopefully by this afternoon, that will have done the trick.  It never does but a girl can dream, right?

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