11 September 2013


I tossed everything from my craft closet out in the open, took stock, and purged it.  Books, magazines and skeins.

Now it's all organized, decluttered and documented on my Ravelry pages!

The challenge now is to decided if I'm going to go with 7 rows of orange instead of 3.

Such a productive morning!  I went through all of my crafting books and magazines, along with my yarn stash, and purged it.  I took out things I didn't want, wouldn't make or didn't need any longer.  All books and magazines will be donated to my local library and the yarn was just odds and ends that will be thrown away unless I can find some place that might want it though there honestly isn't enough of any one to do anything with... though it is two garbage bags full.  I'll stop waffling one of these days and get it settled.

So I took all that was left and made my Ravelry stash and library up to date.  What you see in there - between my stash, library and project pages - is exactly what I have on hand!  It's all been photographed and accounted for which makes me feel fabulous.

I am still married to my OWL bag because I'm debating a color change situation.  There are 24 rows of this fan stitch situation before I get to the boring stuff for the handles.  I used the dark grey for the bottom and first fan transition to the orange.  Now I need to figure out if I am going to go with two more rows from where I am, plus the transition row, or not.  It think I am because it gives it a nice sense of balance.  I also think I'm going to go from the orange to the maize yellow and then the light grey because it gives it a nice gradient flow from dark to light.  The actual crafting is taking a bit longer than I anticipated too so that means I have to adjust my time tables for it... plus, now that I have my stash all sorted out, I can figure out my Quidditch projects based off of what I have 500 yards of to work with... so happy!!

It's amazing what a bit of cleaning out and cleaning up can do for a person.

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