25 September 2013

Whistle a happy tune

You know when you feel like you're coming down with a cold and you just get kinda bleh... yeah, that's me this week.  I'm fighting this thing with all I've got because I can't stand being sick on my days off.  I did finish a few things this week - I even started a new shawl...

Hobbit got her own house inspired hat.  I think I'll make one more but in a plain yarn so the pattern details can pop.

I started this yesterday and I think I messed up the last row... it appears I have double the necessary shells.

The entire week so far has looked like this, and I'm loving it honestly... as Peanut would say - lugubrious indeed.
So today I will fix the shawl that I just realized was off and possibly make one more twisted cablely hat in a plain color.  It's a super cute hat, I'm just curious what it looks like without the stripes from the Team Spirit yarn.

Now, since I was under the weather yesterday (see what I did there... yeah, I know), here is your song for the week.  A little something to lift your spirits...

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