01 March 2014

Weekend Wonderment

I have to work tonight but hopefully I will find a few spare moments today to get some work done on my Mission. I'm debating a whole sleeve situation or simply working in reverse from the neck and crafting a cowl. Time constraints will dictate my end result. Nothing says I can't go back and frog it if I don't like it but since I had to withdraw my OWL, I'd like to complete my Order of the Phoenix Mission. The chicken purse is done so this piece is all that is left.
I was able to get the extra yarn I needed and now it's full steam ahead on my Mission. Only have 2 weeks to finish!
Plus, once I get it done, I can then start on something from my new pattern book and magazine.  There is a fox accessory that is calling my name... and begging to be morphed into a cat which is calling Peanut's name - perfect birthday present idea too.
When I got my yarn, I picked a new pattern book and my absolute favorite crochet magazine.  Every pattern will be made!
Couldn't sleep to save my soul so I started a few things.  Hobbit is always sitting on the floor, which is tile and I imagine not very comfortable, so I'm going to take all my worsted weight scraps and make her a floor tuffet to sit on.  I even figured out how to stuff it so it won't come out - stuff an old pillow case first!  Oh yeah, I'm pretty stinking smart when I can't sleep. 
Couldn't sleep so I found a use for my scrap yarn - I'm going to make a floor cushion for Hobbit.
Feeling the need for instant gratification, I designed this handy dandy little bookmark which doubles as a headband when you're reading.  Hobbit loves it and hasn't taken it off all morning.  Let me know if it's something y'all would like and I'll write the pattern up for everyone.  It's super simple and looks really great.  Plus, with it being 'adjustable' it will fit practically any size book and the permanent loop means it won't fall out.
I just made this bookmark that doubles as a headband while you read - pretty clever when I can't sleep.

Tomorrow, we will be spending the day at the Magic Kingdom - a complete surprise for Hobbit since she thinks we won't be able to go until September.  Pokey and I even wove a beautiful tale about how he has to go to a meeting at a different office but she and I are going along so that we can spend the afternoon together playing in a park when he's done.  She knows that his work has an office that is two hours away because he worked there for a short time during the transition this past summer... and it's not a complete fabrication.  We do have to meet with the passholder window to get transfer our etickets to actual passes and then we will spend the afternoon playing in a park.  I know, we're sneaky but nothing will beat the joy watching our Hobbit enjoy everything from Mickey opening the park to the Wishes firework spectacular at night.  We are a Disney family and we've missed it this past year so it will be the perfect amount of pixie dust to get us through to Spring Break.

I hope your weekend is turning out to be just as magical and I promise to share pictures of our adventures when we get home.

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