22 March 2014

My last day of Spring Break

This was the present I couldn't share, a fox scarf for Peanut!
The past few days have been a super whirlwind of fun.  Today we go back to normal life.  Pokey had to go to work this morning, I've got cleaning and chores to get done, and Hobbit has a little list of To-Dos as well.  We are getting back into normal life, slowly but surely.

On Wednesday, we went to the store and picked up two new movies - "Saving Mr. Banks" and "Frozen".  We had a lovely steak supper and watched the first movie.  I love all things Disney and since I knew the historical facts surrounding this film, I was really pleased with how they portrayed it on screen.  It took me a bit to get immersed in the fact that Tom Hanks was my beloved Walt but once I was able to get lost in the magic of it, it was just wonderful.

Thursday, we went to Dade City and did a bit of antiquing with my folks and Peanut.  It was fun wandering around the shops and having a late dinner with everyone.  My folks took Hobbit for the night so Pokey and I went for a wandering drive on the way home.  We spent the rest of the night just enjoying the quiet because we were honestly tired from the events of the week at that point.

My little Peanut is now an honest to goodness adult - what?!
Yesterday, we went up to my folks' house to celebrate Peanut's birthday.  She turns 21 on Monday and I can honestly not believe it.  At 4:45 am tomorrow, my baby will be an official all grown up adult.  Wowzers.  We had a fun little family party and after supper, cake, and presents we went home for the night.

Today, like I said, is about chores and getting back on track because I go back to work tomorrow.  Oh yeah, and I got a promotion while I was on vacation.  Yep, my boss called and asked if I would like it so I took a day to think it over, pondering all the possibilities and noodled through my fears, but the end result is my accepting the position.  Training starts on Monday apparently so wish me luck.

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