16 March 2014

Sunday Snaps

Not sure how often I'll be popping in this coming week, as we are on Spring Break and enjoying a staycation.  There will be ice skating, park hopping, antiquing, and family gatherings so we'll be needing a break to recover from our Spring Break, I'm sure of it.  As soon as I'm done with my itty bitty shift tonight - 8 pm until 12 am - it will officially be party time in this house.

Here's what we've been up to at our little house this past week...

Hobbit's allergies have been kicking her tail this week, though she did her best to suck it up and move on.

Birthday crafting for Peanut is in full swing and thankfully is almost complete as I'm running out of time!

I made a most fabulous Orange Blossom Honey Lemon Chicken and shared the particulars so you can enjoy it too.

I finished my Mission and promptly frogged it to reclaim the yarn I love in order to make something I love.

I received my first month of the Disney Yarn of the Month Club.  This one was dedicated to Alice in Wonderland.

I made a new social media banner that show what makes me "me".  Cooking, crafting, designing, and my family.

I also taught Hobbit how to knit on Friday and she's produced over a foot of scarf in her endeavors to master it.
It's been a busy week but this coming week is going to be even busier... but in an even more fun way!  I hope y'all have a fabulous week and I'll pop in soon to share our adventures with you.

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