31 March 2014

I try to put it in words

I have this friend and she's awesome.  She inspires me, encourages me, and always gives me hope.  She listens without judgement, laughs without reservation, and gives of herself without expectation.  I swear, she is one of the most wonderful souls that I have the blessing to know and I truly believe I would be more than a little lost without her.

My friend has had a less than stellar year thus far - dealing with sickness, loss of loved ones, and now even more sickness.  The kind of sickness that makes you want to stamp your feet and scream to the heavens "enough already!" but you're so worn out all you can do is shrug.

I love this friend dearly - she is part of my family of choice - and the thought of recent events dissolves me to tears.  Me, not her.  Do you know what she does instead?  She simply finds the brightest spot in the day and cherishes it.  A giggle.  A gesture.  A helping hand.  It doesn't matter how small one might think it is, she will never miss the beauty in it.

I was looking for a quote to lift my friend up today but nothing fit.  They were all too gloomy or just left of center when it came to her.  This one doesn't even fit in the way I was hoping but it resonates with me because she is the Christopher Robin to my Winnie The Pooh.  She is the one who is everyone's cheerleader.

So while I may be feeling like a bear of very little brain today, I hope that knows how much she is loved even when things don't turn out just as you envisioned them.  While she is busy being the rock for everyone even though her own personal storm is raging, I hope she knows that I am always here to give her a great big bear hug and to do all I can to give her a giggle that brightens her day.

Friends.  Forever.  and Always.

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