03 March 2014

Fruits of our labours

Pokey and I used to be horrible savers.  We aren't fabulous now but we've been doing better.  I adopted a new financial plan for our family back in October of last year and by sticking to it - no matter how hard it may be some days - we managed to repurchase our annual passes to Walt Disney World and yesterday, we got to go for the first time!

Here are few highlights from our trip yesterday - proof that even though you might want to cheat on whatever long terms plans, keeping your eye on the final prize is well worth it.

We all worked really hard not to cry over how happy we were to be back.

We decided to start where the magic began...

Our goofy group hanging out in the queue to get our permanent passes.

One of the pretty ferries that take you to the Magic Kingdom.

Hobbit was super excited!

Playing in the queue for The Haunted Mansion.

We had a blast at the Country Bear Jamboree.

I love Big Al.

Hobbit did not enjoy Big Thunder Mountain at all - tears and fear of death so we promised never again.

I saw this and just had to take a shot... it just speaks to me.

Yes, we forgot a bathing suit but she had a fabulous time being soaked in the afternoon.

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  1. I so miss the Country Bear JAmboree out here at Disneyland! And so disappointed when we made out last visit to WDW that it was closed! NO FAIR! Love the photos


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