05 March 2014

Wednesday Wound-Up

I finished my Herbology homework and I think he's stinking cute.  A friend asked me for the pattern so I'm going to write it up and when I do, I'll post for y'all as well.  It's a Pig in Shmud.

During my lunch break, I frogged the last three rows of my Mission.  See how I attempted to change up the pattern I was working - yeah, hated it.  Now I've got some ground to make up!
Not a lot of crafting has gone on this week, though it should have.  Tonight I'm making my first ever curry - Butter Chicken.  Fingers crossed, it turns out well but if not, I've got some leftovers in the freezer to cover us.  Although, Pokey is off tomorrow so I might pull some steaks out to let him cook and I'll do the curry on Thursday.

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