10 March 2014

Two decades plus one

I sure hope she likes it... I'll share what it is next Friday.
Peanut will be 21 in exactly two weeks' time.  I can hardly believe it.  My precious little girl is going to be a full fledged adult.  Where has the time gone?

While I adore this girl... errr... woman (?!?) with all my heart and soul, she is really difficult to buy presents for on special occasions.  Her tastes are as unique as she is and constantly changing so it makes present shopping a real adventure.

This year, I have taken all of the guess work out of it and I'm making her something that is a unique, fun, quirky, and creative as she is so hopefully she will love it.  Naturally, we'll be tossing in a gift card as well but I always like to have a little something homemade too.

She appreciates the homemade things and she respects the artistry and time involved since she is an artist herself.  My only concern is that it might be too quirky for her... now that she's an official 'grown up'.

Here's hoping she loves what it is because I know she'll love it simply because I made it for her.

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