24 January 2015

For the love of Mickey...

Super cute puppy butt cheers everyone up... right?
I am actually writing this on Friday night because I can't sleep.  Hobbit and I spent the entire day - literally the entire day - at either the doctor's office or the pharmacy today.  Pokey took us out for medicinal milk shakes between appointments so that was nice.

Turns out that poor little Hobbit does have strep throat.  She's been given an antibiotic and we've stocked up on yogurt so all should be well in her world within the next 48 hours.  Me, well I've managed to kink up my Eustachian Tube... the official diagnosis was called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I am am officially dysfunctional... lol.  Oh my word, you have to laugh or you'll cry, right?  I can tell you that it hurts more than you can even imagine.  Thankfully, I have a note that I turned in to my supervisor which allows me to work but not have to wear my headset, which is a godsend!  My supervisor, who is fabulous, said it wouldn't be a problem at all.  I hate missing work.  I may not always love being there, but I don't like to be thought of as unreliable.  If I can be vertical, I can be at work.

I talked to my mama tonight too.  Monday can't come fast enough.  I need my Mommy Day.  No clue what we'll do and I honestly don't care.  I just want to hang out with my mama for the day.  I don't get to see her enough as it is so when our initial day was pushed back, I was really disappointed.  Granted, she had a super severe allergic reaction that landed her in the ER so I was more worried about her than anything - she's where my stubborn/suck it up streak comes from and with my daddy not there right now, there is no one to push her to do what is best in spite of herself.  Thankfully, if there is a thankfully, Peanut was with her when it happened so she took her to the ER.  Two weeks later and she's finally all better, so what do I do, I get dysfunctional.. I swear, sometimes it feels like I can't win for losing.

At least I got a lot of waiting room crafting done.  I am now up to 31.5 teeth on my Hitchhiker, up to Row 34 on my Patronus, and I even got in another tooth done on my Variable Star.  When I got home, I worked on everything a little bit more, even adding an inch to my Magnolia shawl.  I must say, feeling so horrible that you can't move around does have it's privileges.

Okay, I should head off to bed now.  I'm not telling you want time it is but I've got this set to go up around 10 am so at least it will look like I got some sleep... even though I flat out told you from the get go that I was up late... as you can see, I am a horrible liar.  I hope every is having a beautiful weekend, whatever time it might be.

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