21 January 2015

Such a good day

Today has been such a good day.  You know the kind where it starts off with a small bit of goodness and then it just snowballs into awesomeness?  It was one of those kinds of days.

It started when I learned about a particular event that can only be described as... well.. Karma.  There was a little poster or online meme that said something about how if you live a good life, and do good things, then God will allow you to watch when Karma comes around to those who deserve it.  Well, today I got to watch and I must say, I was so pleased.  For months, I have been dreading going to work because the environment was, simply put, toxic.  To learn that something was actually done just had me praising His name and thanking Him for his work... and today was a great day at work... something that hasn't happened since August!

The next bit of awesomeness in my day was finding an unused gift card for iTunes.  It was enough for me to be able to get the new Phillip Phillips' album, which has been playing most of the day - and it is magnificent!  I told my husband when he auditioned for American Idol that he would be the winner.  I just knew... granted, I've got a good tracker record picking the winners from auditions too but he was different.  He was electric, captivating, and his voice was cosmic.  He has simply gotten better with time too.  Amazing artist and I highly recommend you pick up this album if you can.

The other fabulous fun of the day - I won a project bag from my Quidditch square this past match over in the HPKCHC on Ravelry!!  Oh yeah, so super cool and I can't wait to see what comes.  I love project bags and I don't have near enough - not true project bags.  I have some cute totes that I'll use but I really wish I had more actual project bags - box bags are my favorite.  I may need to learn how to make them.  That would be a great Mommy Day.  I'll have to see if we can't do that one day.

The creative energy here is fabulous now!
The final bit of stupendousness for my day... Pokey bought me a cork board for my office!  Yep, I made an offhanded comment that I really wanted one so I could get all the ugly stickies off my monitor because it just looked cluttered to me and he knows I don't do well with clutter.  Now my office looks perfect and I'm in hog heaven.  The last bit that I could use is a clock to hang on the wall for Hobbit to use to know when to go outside for the bus.  I'll find one though... something fun... maybe I'll make one.  Crochet a cute mandala and then get the clock kits to make it work.  Yeah, I think that'll be my plan.  I could use buttons or crochet cute flowers for the numbers.

My day has been so fully blessed - even my Knit Picks order came in faster than it said so I've got my "AUSTENtatious Crochet" book to read and figure out what I'm going to make first.  I hope y'all had an equally blessed day.  It's amazing the recharging effect it can have on a person - body and soul.

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