31 January 2015

Good morning!

Oh my great giddy aunt... I went to bed early last night and I apparently really needed it.  I actually feel rested this morning which is a feeling I haven't had all month.  Working on the weekends during the school year is rough.  I never get an opportunity to recharge - and I'm a horrible napper so I constantly feel tired which makes me pretty much a poop.  My patience and attitude both just plummet.  I may go to bed early again tonight... who knows.

I brought my Patronus shawl into work with me.  I am honestly disappointed in this pattern.  I am not enjoying it and it's not coming out at all like I had hoped.  I love my colors but the actual shawl and the construction are not enjoyable - which is odd because I absolutely love the designer.  I've made several of her shawls before and I've loved every one.  Oh well, them's the breaks, as they say.  I'm on row 35 of 57 so only 22 more rows to go.  I told myself to do one row a day and then I'll reward myself with something fun to make... yes, I fall for my own bribes.  I've very gullible.

Time to get ready for work.  I've got to write menus for February today too because we've got to go grocery shopping when I get off.  Thankfully, it's a short month so I don't have to be too creative.  I hope everyone has a good day and oh yeah, guess what I finished last night...

My Hitchhiker is all done!  I am so proud of it... and now, on to the next knit WIP that needs attention!

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  1. Good morning to you too. Your hitchhiker looks just lovely.


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