10 September 2012

Motivational Monday

I have been wanting to make some Christmas ornaments for our tree this year.  I love having a tree full of homemade items much more than one full of glitz and glam of store bought trinkets that mean nothing.  So this means I have also been on a quest to find some fabulous patterns for Christmas ornaments and decorations - and I thought perhaps y'all might be interested in some of my findings since we are heading into the holiday season.

© bearsycat - This fabulous Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament is on my list
© bearsycat - As is this Lacy Snowflake from Whiskers & Wool
© LeonieLion - I'm loving this Christmas Star as well (and her spray starch trick for shaping)
© Ameria - I love these Christmas Bells because they really jingle!
Of course, there will be more Mini Christmas Stockings
© Coats & Clark - A Yarn Basket Ornament will happen too
So those are now up and waiting for me to tackle them this week.  It works out great too because I have a lot of scrap stash that could use a good going through so what better way than to make something fabulous like these precious ornaments.  It will remind me of the beautiful original projects that I made and bring cheer to my home during the holidays.

Are you making anything to decorate your home for the upcoming season?

1 comment:

  1. I sure hope to make things! I love these little ornaments! My favs are the white snowflake, the basket of yarn (too cute!) and the bells. Looking forward to seeing pics of your tree!


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