03 September 2012

Just a tad lazy

I missed Sunday Snaps and today is Motivational Monday but I'm not feeling very motivated so I am being lazy - you get a post full of photographic evidence of why I'm being lazy.  I thought it was rather clever...

This is where I was for almost three days because of our AC being broken...
This is our lovely living room which is only lacking pictures for the walls and drapes for the window
This is our fabulous kitchen and dining area that we have been using more now than ever before
This is the big potty - though Hobbit thinks it's hers
This is our room, as seen from the door. It's a super huge room really
This is the view from my side of the bed - it's hard to get the true scope of it in photos but it's big
The smallest potty on in the universe but hey, we've got two so I'm happy
Usually my car is in here but the AC guys said they were coming today...
I made a set of these and turned one in for Flying homework and one in for Detention
I made this for Herbology homework too.
I also got my OWL approved and my B.R.O.O.M. idea was giving a nod and a wink from one of the mission chiefs. I'm going to use that yarn I was sent by my friend a while back.  It will be epic.  I've been keeping up with my staff duties as Slytherin Study Hall assistant, HPKCHC Mentor for the NQFYs and a Quidditch Reserve as well. Not too shabby for only being 3 days into the Fall Term.

The final results for Tournament 5 in Nerd Wars are still being processed so I don't know where we fell out but I do know that my manager, the most amazing girl in the crafting universe, is going to hang out with me for another go because she too believes we are the Dynamic Duo.

See... I can be lazy today because I've been busy and sweaty all week... right?

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