01 September 2012

On the bright side

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time and energy whining.  To myself, my dog and on my FB status... then I just got annoyed with myself.  I know I was miserable because I had been stuck in the extreme heat for two straight days, all nasty hot and hating life, but even then, I had it a lot better than some. That's when I changed my tune to this...

"As I sit here and whine about being hot, I remember that I am alive. As I fuss over the air conditioner being broken, I remember that I have a home. As I fuss over sticky clothes, I remember that I have more clean ones for later. As I try to convince myself that I'm handling this all with grace, I remember that I'm not - I should change my focus to what I am blessed to have, not what I am lacking."

I then found ways to get a bit more positive and by 5 p.m., the new unit was placed in the back and working... by midnight, I stopped sweating and went to bed... this morning, life is back to normal... Monday they will come and replace the inside portion of the system - and all of that is really cool, literally.

So next time, instead of fussing over all that I am without I think I will profess, just as loudly, all the things that am I thankful that I do have instead. When your mood is sunny and bright, the rest of the things just don't matter as much.

1 comment:

  1. How smart of you to think of everything you do have instead of what you are lacking at the moment. I must do this the next time I find myself in an unpleasant situation.


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