27 September 2012

Ease into the weekend

Today will be the first honestly quiet day that I've had in a very long time.  I plan on making the most of it.  As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to make the bed, get dressed and find my copy of BBC's Pride and Prejudice.  You know, the good one with Colin Firth.  All the movies are still in boxes in our super huge closet because we didn't bring the old bookcases with us due to space reasons... both on the truck and in the new house.  We are thinking of just getting another big book and reorganizing our collection that way, an idea I fully support but am waiting on him to give in.  Pokey loves the cases because he's a visual kind of guy and has a poor memory when it comes to movies.

After I find the movie (or some other period piece), I am going to dedicate my day to it and working on Peanut's other hat.  I don't know if I shared but while I was sick, she asked if I could make a set of hats for her and her friend.  I finished the one and I'm working on the other.  I'll hopefully finish today and so I'll share them tomorrow.  I think a little envelope will suffice in mailing so I might could even splurge for next day service, depending on the cost.

I've also had a secret goal of getting my family into the habit of walking after supper, though I failed yesterday.  Hopefully today will be different.  The dog would love it and so would Hobbit... Pokey and I just need to get more active so this is a nice way to start, don't you think?  A leisurely walk around the block would be refreshing after supper and it might help Hobbit get to sleep easier.  She seems to be having a bit of trouble lately and I'm not sure why.

Time to find the movie and get my day going. I think there's nothing better than a quiet day... especially after such a long and hectic few weeks.

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  1. I love your plans! Walking should help Hobbit sleep. Whenever we have Monster outside during the day, he sleeps better. I love that Pride & Prejudice version. I used to curl up with it a lot when I was sick.


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