07 September 2012

Weekend Wonderment ~ 9/7 - 9/9

I refuse to move this weekend - I just want a day off from sweating.
So I'm going to take the weekend off from sweating.  I've been nasty for two weeks now - I would like a few days where I am not glistening... and that will be this weekend.  I even have my activities all lined up for the perfect mix of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The star baby blanket is coming along nicely so I hope to add a few mindless rows to it over this weekend.  I've got a nice book that I have been neglecting over the course of the move that I just unpacked the other day.  There is even hope for the Turkish spindle to get it's first whirl but if not, I've got my sweater that I can do - at least 4 rows a day will get me through the boring part of it in 2 weeks time.

We're also going to have a Disney Nature moviefest with Earth, Oceans and Chimpanzee over this weekend. Plus, Hobbit's classmate who rides her bus lives just kitty corner behind us and they were making plans at the bus stop this morning to get together and ride bikes.  Seems like fun for all.

What wonderful plans do you have for the penultimate summer weekend?

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