12 September 2012

Open Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

We would just like to express our deepest concerns over the recent changes that have taken place.  The vast amounts of negativity, general rudeness, locker room behavior and underhanded manipulation are astounding.  Many of us are concerned that you are not yourself for indulging in and/or encouraging this behavior.  There has been rumbling about a mass exodus unless things improve.  Are you aware that -
  1. You are supporting and encouraging bad behavior and negativity?
  2. You belittle the accomplishments of the many to stroke the ego of the few?
  3. Being silent on issues does not make them go away.
  4. The same rules should apply to all.
  5. Your constant negative mood has seeped into the fabric of the organization?
Many of us believe that you are not aware of these actions, though we are unsure how to let you know.  While you may say that you are open to all, past actions have proven that criticism or feedback does not sit well with you.  We know that it is hard to see certain behaviors or actions when you are close to the subject in question but we encourage you to take a step back and look at what has been transpiring.

The attitudes are becoming toxic because of a handful of people who have apparently stomped the hardest and hollered the loudest.  If any one of us who are concerned about these issues stand up and say anything, the retaliation is massive.  Does it not concern you that out of the thousands of individuals who have aligned themselves with you, only a handful are ever heard from because the others have been treated so badly that they don't venture out or speak up?  To go even further, out of that handful, the most boisterous make up some of the meanest, nastiest ones in the collective.

Most recent events have brought to light the need for a change.  It has been decided amongst this fellowship that if alterations do not occur by the end of the year, many will reevaluate our position within and make the decision as to whether or not we wish to continue our relationship.  We know that the organization is a living breathing thing that goes through cycles, which is why we are giving it the time frame that we have - it gives you a quarter of the year to get things under control or at the very least, moving in the right direction.

Please don't misunderstand our letter - we absolutely love our positions and what the original vision behind the organization was... we just don't care for what it has slowly become - a vast pit of elitism with attitudes and dispositions so foul that it's getting to be embarrassing to be in association. It didn't used to be this way and it can change. We have been trying to be the catalyst for months but the black cloud of negativity has been too strong that it forced many of us to retreat into our own corners, only venturing out when protocol and procedures demand it.

Today, we implore you to reclaim your original vision and put the organization back on the right track.  We know you can do it... our only question is will you.


The other souls

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