17 February 2013

Sunday Snaps

I did a guest blog post on the subject of project photography which was very well received...

Along with slippers above for my mama, I made Hobbit this hat for V Day...

I am about to embark on a new and exciting adventure - sock loom knitting!
And during my quiet weekend alone, I managed to turn in two more classes...
I have another pair of slippers in the works that are purple variegated which will make three sets off of this pattern that was introduced to me by a very sweet fellow Hufflepuff.  I absolutely love it.  The pattern calls for a Mary Jane type strap but I really love the ballet criss-cross.  It just feels more secure that way... and I should have the final slipper done this afternoon.

I'm planning on starting my temperature shawl this week as well.  I think between the sock loom and the shawl, I will have enough to break up the monotony of one with the other.  Who knows, they may not be monotonous at all and I'll whiz through both, leaving me searching for another project.  I could work on that blanket but I have to be honest, while I love the color palette with all my heart, I am not loving the huge holes that are being left with it.  I think I'm going to figure out something different to do with the yarn... still a blanket but something different.  Actually, while writing that sentence I did make up my mind - I will be moving in a different direction but it will be wonderful.  I guess I should let my OWL adviser know of my decision too.

It's been a most productive week and I know this one coming up will be equally so.


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    1. Ribbon is always a great addition... but what holes would I be weaving them through?

  3. You are a busy woman!! I love the little cap so cute. I have not heard of sock loom knitting. After seeing your kit, I need to go and google that. I still do socks the old-fashioned way, using DPNs.


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