01 February 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 2/1 - 2/3

Quiet weekend alone to finish up some WIPs, create with my hand-dyed yarns and warm a dorm.
Hobbit has gone to spend the weekend with my mama.  Last weekend was all about the serious business of moving - this weekend is all about the serious business of relaxing... and I'm going to do the same here.

I need to finish my mama's slippers and make some serious progress on my blanket that I'm designing.  I am also going to break down and use some of the hand-dyed yarns that I made over the summer.  I think they are both going to turn into hats but I'm not 100% certain yet.  I'm also going to make a little thing or two to put in Peanut's Valentine's Day package.  I've already gathered up some pretty stellar things so I'm thinking if I make a set for her and a set for her roommate, that should round out her box very nicely.

Basically there is nothing but crafting going on tomorrow... and it's going to be wonderful.

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