22 February 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 2/22 - 2/24

You know the saddest part of it all - my sofa still looks just like this from Wednesday!
I have not done diddly squat on the crafting front since Tuesday.  Mostly because I have not been feeling up to snuff with the cats in the house.  My allergies are through the roof but I'm sure they'll even out here soon.  The plan is to finish that other slipper today so I can put the package in the mail tomorrow - I'm actually going to write the slip out so I have no other choice but to finish - and then I'm going to start in on the temperature shawl... might figure out that sock loom too, if I'm feeling up to it.

Pokey is currently at the pharmacy to see what all I can do to get things under control because he worries about me.  I'm thinking my next project should be something for him - he's not had anything made from me in a while... I'm leaning towards those socks I promised him 2 years ago when he took me to A Good Yarn over in Sarasota.  I have the yarn tucked away in my "good yarn" shelf so nothing could happen to it.  Yep, socks it is then.

I hope everyone else is having a happy and healthy weekend!

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