31 January 2013

Mission 25% accomplished

The things we do for our mamas!
I have a goal to find time to read at least four books this year.  When you break it down, that means three months for each book - a super colossally slow moving book could be read in that amount of time.  I have accomplished 1/4 of my goal, as I finished my book the night before last.

The characters were wonderful and engaging - even the nasty ones because you honestly didn't like them which makes for a good villain-type character.  My only complaint was that the last 20 pages or so felt rushed.  I know the scene was supposed to be dramatic and make you feel anxious but after the rise of it all, the gentle flow back down didn't happen.  It felt more like being plopped on a mattress and told you're done.  That being said, I would recommend it and now I get to watch the movie!

My next book, which I have already started, was one my mama asked me to read to see if it "was worth reading".  I know what she means so I picked it up yesterday and started.  The beginning was engaging and now I'm in to the 'meat' of it which has shifted focus into more of a strange documentary.  I can't pass judgement on it yet but I am hoping that it flips back to more of a character driven tale instead because the author has a nice gift for that avenue.

As far as the nibbles go, I did not make the recipe from last week because I forgot to pick up crescent rolls.  This week, however, there has been a request by my beautiful mama to make some of her favorite soup.  Naturally, I roasted a chicken last night and will get down to the business of making soup today so she will have some to take home with her tomorrow.  After 40 years of putting up with me and all she has ever asked for is some soup, I think I can do my best to oblige.

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