14 October 2013

Getting pumped up

When I needed to be pumped up - a quote from Walt always does the trick!
Crazy week ahead.  Lots of things need to get done and it's lots of things that I don't necessarily want to do which means it requires extra motivation.  Conversations with people I don't much care for but must plaster a smile onto my voice, conversations with people I do care for but subject matters that I don't, and praying that each day goes well so that I can - very selfishly motivated - have some quiet days in the not so distance future.

These are the things that need to happen this week, none of them easy.  The first place I go looking when things are not easy is to one of my greatest heroes - Mr. Walter Elias Disney.  Whenever things get super tough or the days just seem like they will beat the stuffin' out of me, this quote pops into my head.  It reminds me of "Self-fulfilling Prophecy" - you know, whatever you expect to happen will happen because you've influenced the situation either advertently or inadvertently.  The power of positive thinking is more than a catchy slogan, my friends.

So this week, all I am going to do is envision the outcome I want to have - conversations void of snark, other conversations full of hope and promise, and days that end with smiles.  This is how I am going to picture it, with all my heart and soul.

I hope y'all have a week with dreams coming true because honestly, if you can dream it then you can do it.  Just have to believe in it... all of it.  Yourself included.

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