25 October 2013

Plan to get tangled up

Welcome to my office - the crafty side of things.  This is my weekend in a nutshell - juice and strings.
Y'all know that my pediatrician is the bee's knees but did you know that my doctor rocked too?  Oh yeah, she totally does.  I wrote her last night about symptoms that cropped up the other day and asked if she could send in a Rx for an antibiotic since I knew what it was and was just in the office on Monday... and she totally agreed with my webmd degree'd analysis and sent the prescription in this morning.  How is that for aces?  The hardest part is pounding cranapple juice and/or water instead of constant coffee but it's a small price to pay.

I am in Christmas ornament and decorations mode around here too.  Lots of ideas and some are working out well, some need a bit of tweaking.  I have to make 23 other things to go with the one item that I made the other day.  I've decided on an advent garland for Hobbit and so I made the final bit first - the stocking - because it has to be a bit bigger than the other pieces.  I was thinking about making 23 little envelopes but they aren't turning out as I hoped but now I have another idea that might work that I want to try before beating my head on the desktop repeatedly.

We've decided to go to a fall festival that is being sponsored by a local church.  Pokey found a flyer for it and really wanted to go.  Plus, with his new schedule we can finally get back to church as a family so we're hunting for one that fits our family.  Hobbit has been asking to go for forever and I don't like to go meet a bunch of strangers alone so we kept pushing it off until he was off on Sundays.  There are a few on our list that we want to check out so this is our first stop.

That's our weekend - relaxing and recharging.  How about you, anything fun planned?

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