07 October 2013

It's in the air

Monday Inspiration Board 18

I love this time of year.  It's crisp and refreshing.  It makes everything wonderful and homey.  The skies get a little grey but I love it.  It's a beautiful color and the coolness that comes with it just makes my heart sing.  It makes me think of snuggling in with my favorite folks, having a blast over a cup of coffee or tea or cocoa.  Wearing long sleeves or pants and a favorite hat.

One day we will again live where the leaves change and you can smell of someone burning them - one of my most favorite smells of all - while you walk and your cheeks get a ruddy glow that feels so wonderful.  The sounds of nature crunching under your boot wrapped feet make the moment complete.

I may not get all of that down here but I have some wonderful memories of it all and they carry me through until we can get back to an area that will make them a reality once more.  Many of my friends are hustling about, grumbling because they have to 'get ready for winter' but instead of all that what they really should be doing is rejoicing in the beauty of the season at hand.  One of my most favorite quotes about Autumn makes comment about how every leaf is a flower and it's so true.  The changes are beautiful and breathtaking and bountiful.

Enjoy the moments of the day - better yet, make a moment in the day - because those are the moments that matter.  Those are the moments that you'll remember forever.

1 comment:

  1. I love love love fall and winter for that matter since it never really gets too terrible where I'm at. :) I'll take some pics soon once the colors come in and send the pics out to you!


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