02 October 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

A new design, a child's dream, an exciting challenge, and an old faithful are all in the works right now.
I've got several things going at the moment... one of which I'm fixin' to start this afternoon so I'm a tad excited.  They're all on my Ravelry project pages if you want to nose around and get all the details but the gist is that I've got four very different projects in the works.

My original design is on a brief pause while I noodle through longevity options.  I've almost got it figured out to a point that makes me happy.  Francis of Flagler is coming along, slowly but surely.  We're at the point where we have miles of just knitting ahead but at least I can feel progress being made with the color changes.  I am going to start my lace cardigan today, just as soon as Pokey calls on his break so I can go for it without being interrupted.  I'm a little scared but it's the good kind of scared.  I also still have that epic granny bag that just has stopped showing signs of growth but we're barely past the halfway mark so it's coming along like the tortoise I knew it would be.

I'm now on the hunt for little boy things to knit or crochet and I have to say, the market is rather disappointing in this area.  How am I supposed to make my grandson something fabulous if I can't find something fabulous to make?  I've spent my life making girly things so this is unfamiliar territory but I will persevere and find a way to make it so, so help me.  If you stumble on anything cute in the 6-12 month range, I'd love to hear about it.

Alrighty, time to get cracking... and I'm hungry so I know as soon as I find something to eat, Pokey will call - he always does... and that means I can start my sweater!  We had a quick start to the morning since our alarms didn't go off but now all that adrenaline has worn off and left me so tired.  Thankfully, all ended well enough so we'll probably be hitting the hay early tonight.

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