06 October 2013

Sunday Snaps

Wowzers, what an end to the week!  Lots of things going on - some good, some freakishly awesome, and then some not so good.  Spent yesterday up at my folks' house, hanging out with my mama.  We all went to supper and watched a bit of TV, nothing earth-shattering but it was awfully nice to spend time with her.  I worry about her being alone all the time until my daddy retires (47 days!) and comes home from Texas for good.  I know I love to be alone and enjoy the stillness but after a while, it's just too quiet and too still.  Even I, with my hermit tendencies, need people every now and again.

I'm reaching the exciting conclusion to my book and I must say, it's definitely exciting.  Lena's birthday is in five days and I can't wait to see what happens.  Will she figure out what those clues mean?  Will she and Ethan be able to stay together?  What is his power and what does 'claim yourself' really mean?  I know once I'm done that I'll want to start into the second book.

I got a new set up for work and I'm excited about using it.  The headset is super comfy so that right there makes it all worth it.  By the end of my shifts lately, my head hurts so badly because the headset would squish my glasses earpiece into my head - making a dent!  There is the added bonus of being able to stop the bill for the work dedicated phone line so that's another plus.  Granted, it's only $16 a month but that's almost $200 a year back in my budget - that makes me happy.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week.  You can always tell how busy my week has been by how many pictures I've taken... and I have nothing new for you!  All the images I shot last week were on Wednesday and so you've seen them all.  I know, sad stuff.  I'll leave you with a favorite from a while back - every time I see this shot, I honestly bust into giggles...

Hehehe... silly girl!

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