13 October 2013

Sunday Snaps

I have been consumed with making African Flower squares at the expense of all other projects - and I love it!

Hobbit spent all weekend on the loveseat crocheting this chain - which is going to be the garland on our new tree this year!
It has been an interesting week around here, the final few days especially.  Here's to a calmer week ahead - though we do have a meeting set up with Hobbit's teacher on Wednesday so hopefully it will be better than what we are anticipating.  I do find it amazing that once we set up the meeting, she spent the rest of the week with stellar behavior.  Several factors did come into play - she moved her desk so she is her own little island and we had a discussion about taking responsibility for your actions/reactions... you know, to "own it".  Even when I had to pick her up early on Friday, she was still on pink (which one below perfection and one above expected average).  As soon as we set the meeting she spent the final three days of the week on pink so we're aren't sure what the change was but we are praying that it wasn't a fluke and stays for the rest of the year.  Getting poor behavior reports hasn't been the norm in almost 2 years so we are doing our best to nip it in the bud.

I hope to finish my book and my hippo this week - then I'll go back to focusing on my sweater and the original design.  Probably in that order too... but first, enjoying the final relaxing day of the weekend - complete with making my Turkey Corn Soup for supper tonight.  I love tricking my brain into Autumn with food.

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