26 October 2013

Friday night at the office

Look at all my pretty little bobbles all lined up in a row!
You know what the best part about working from home is?  Nope, not coming back from break in your pjs.  It's that your craft closet is within arms reach of your desk!!  Remember all the yarn on my desk from yesterday?  Yeah, this is what I made during my shift last night.

All of these are part of an advent garland that I'm making for Hobbit.  I finished the stocking for the 24th first because it was going to be a bit bigger than everything else - because it's Christmas Eve and the calendars that I used to get as a kid had the biggest piece of chocolate under that door.  I may or may not have eaten that piece within the first week and just lodged the door closed...

Anywho, the stocking was laying over in the corner of Wednesday's Wound-Up shot.  Do you remember seeing this ~

See it up there on the left... that little green and white strip thing?  Yeah, that's it - looking down now...

It came out super cute, huh!  I'm writing up the pattern to share because it was easy.
That stocking, so you can get an idea of how big it is, can probably hold a full sized Snickers and a Starbucks gift card... and who knows, that just may be what is found inside on Christmas Eve!!  I hope to have the pattern finished and ready for y'all soon.  I'm debating between the entire garland or just the stocking... which would you prefer?

The other bobbles have openings too but they'll hold things like costume jewelry, tiny wrapped candies and "get out of chores free" cards.  Just little things to make the day brighter as we work our way towards my most favorite holiday. 

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