27 October 2013

Sunday Snaps

We're carving the pumpkin this afternoon, once our chores are done.

I am going to be making more bobbies for the garland and I decided to write up the entire pattern to share.

Yesterday we went to a little Fall Festival that was sponsored by one of the local churches by Pokey's work.

Hobbit immediately wanted her face painted...

After she had already started it, I learned they were regular crafter paints... we now have a rash like a butterfly.

So close to dunking the girl... I love how girly her stance is after she threw it - look at the hands!

She tried walking on stilts.. and immediately stopped because it was "too wobbly".

We played Toss Across and she blocked Pokey on a move which she was very proud of...

As you can see by the gloating going on right here... silly girl.

Practicing for the Three Legged Race.. looking good!

Sizing up the competition - look at the focus on her face!

They came in second place - those two ladies on the right were hyper competitive and cut everyone off.

Then we rode in a 1950s Fire Truck - rang the bell, flashed the lights and played the siren too.

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

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