01 April 2014

I need your help, please...

Pattern image (c) Vicky Chan but the other two are my own from my Ravelry stash files
I want to make this sweater.  It's called Irene and it's linked in the photo credit caption.  My challenge is, I don't know what yarn combination I want to use.

If I go with the greens, the lighter shade would be the yoke and I'd do the banding of the body and sleeves in it as well with the body being the darker shade.  If I go with the pink and variegated combination, the pink would be the yoke and banding with the variegated as the body.

I love both combinations and I can't decided so I need your help, please!  Which do you think would look better?  Here's some music while you think it over...


  1. I would go with the greens....but I am partial to green no matter what

  2. I vote the pink combination, because I think it suits you better. So fun! I'm with you though, I like both color combinations.

  3. I'll vote here too ;) Cause I'm crazy like that...and I say green. I think both will look good on you, but I like the solid over the variegated, that's the conclusion I've come to finally :)


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