12 June 2014

On a Mission

I spent all day yesterday telling myself "don't forget to do the Wound-Up" and do you know what happened... I forgot to do the Wound-Up!  It's okay though because I was actually crocheting on my Order of the Phoenix Mission so that's still working on the Wound-Up, isn't it?

I've been hooking away on this because I don't want to miss the deadline for turn ins now that my OWL is kaput.
I have 8 more rows to go before I do the final variegated bit and then on to the lace.  I think I'm going to work the lace in the variegated as well but I'm still on the fence about it.  I do love how these colors have blended together because the grey matches so well.

I will definitely be making this shawl again and doing it with several different color combinations.  I have ideas for doing a pink fade to red, a rainbow transition, a purple fade, and one that is completely solid without the fade.  It's such an addictive pattern.  The lace bit is done on a 10+1 repeat so the size is adjustable as well.  I think my next one will be in worsted weight so it has some umph to it and I'll put it up for my present stash bin.

Seriously addictive novel!
Now that I'm all caught up on the crafting front, let me share I've been reading.  I am currently enjoying two books the moment.  I know, so not like me to be working on one project but reading two books - it's normally several projects and one book - but I couldn't help myself.  When we went to the library last week, I picked up a 14 day borrow so I had to tuck in straight away.  It's by Betty Hechtman and it's entitled For Better or Worsted and it's just one of those books you can't help but get sucked into reading.  I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it at first because I'm not big on mysteries, even though I love watching Sherlock for more than just having a solid hour and a half of Benedict and Martin viewing pleasure.  The writing is sharp and the characters are relate-able, which is very important to me.  If I can't find someone to love, I have such a hard time moving forward - case in point, Death Comes to Pemberley - I've not given up yet though it is still on hiatus on my dresser.  I have a second book by this author sitting in the wings because they were the only two at the library and if I liked her, I could always order them Books-A-Million if they aren't in the shop.

Your brain will totally thank me.
The other book that I'm reading is entitled Dorothy Must Die.  It was written by Danielle Paige and I will admit, the strongest reason I picked it up was because the heroine's name is Amy.  Seriously, it's true.  No one ever makes a main character with my name and better yet, this one is pithy and sarcastic and has awesome pink hair... come on, how could I not pick it up!  Munchkins with tattoos, witches with permasmile plastered on their face, and the former heroine gone drunk with power.  It's awesome and I haven't even reached the Emerald City yet.  Not your typical tale and it is not disappointing, I can tell you that.  The writing just carries you along and her imagery is amazing.  It really is a fabulous and I know that the heroine is destined to become one of my most cherished.

Tonight is going to be a classic supper night around here.  We're talking meatloaf, mash, and green beans.  All the makings of comfort food heaven.  I used to love coming home from school and learning that we were having meatloaf.  I had to ask though because my mama was prone to tricking me into a state of euphoria with the aroma from the kitchen only to be violently pushed off the edge when I learned it was Meat and Vegetable Pie.  That was always so cruel.  Must be why I've never made that particular dish for my family - besides the fact that I despise mixed vegetables.  We may even have some ice cream for dessert just because I now feel jaded with the memories of Meat and Vegetable suppers.  Ice cream cures whatever ails you so I'm thinking it will be in order.

Are y'all making anything fabulous - crafted, food, or otherwise?  I'd love to hear about it!

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