10 June 2014

Never underestimate a hobbit

I know I didn't pop in yesterday to motivate the Monday crew but that was because I busy motivating my own little crew here.  Hobbit had her gifted testing today and yesterday she was a tiny little ball of nerves.  I kept reassuring her that all she had to do was be her awesome self and it would all work out as it is supposed to - relax,  breathe, repeat was the order of the day.

This morning, we got up and took Pokey to work because we would need the car to get to the school for the appointment.  I did my best to have a low key, stress free morning.  She got a shower when we got back home, picked out one of her prettiest dresses and we were out the door.  Before she went back I told her to simply be awesome and that I loved her.  She hugged and kiss me and told she was going to make me proud.

When she was done, the school psychologist and Hobbit came back to get me so we could learn the results.  The highest you can earn is 145 on the grading bell curve for gifted... I think 144 in verbal with a 130 average should do it for her, don't you.

Hobbit aced her Gifted Program testing!!!  

We just need the final stamp of approval from district and then she will officially be in the state gifted program.  It will involve a school change (thankfully with transportation) since her school does not have a dedicated gifted classroom environment but she's excited and told the school psychologist that the location did not matter to her, her goal was to be in a true AP environment so she could learn and grow... out of the mouth of a 9-year-old... hehehe.

Pokey and I knew she would do well so we had a little something special waiting for when she was done - a new rainbow loom with 2100 bands and beads, plus a pretty case to keep it all organized!  She is currently setting it up and is in hog heaven.

I can't help but think back at her first First Grade teacher who spent half the year telling her she was a problem student and nothing special... all the time we spent advocating for her and telling the school that she simply needed to be challenged, which resulted in her being moved to a different First Grade teacher's classroom where she immediately soared because that teacher pushed her and expected more out of her - and she delivered in spades.  I would love nothing more than to go visit that little troll woman who didn't believe in Hobbit, bullied her and belittled her for her first few months of school that year.  I would very calmly, and probably somewhat smuggly now, tell her to never - ever - underestimate the power of positive reinforcement, of listening to parents, and by all means never when it comes to the power of one precious and precocious little Hobbit.

Awesome job today, baby girl.  Mom-E and Daddy are so stinking proud of you and all you've accomplished!!


  1. Congrats to Hobbit. Gift classes saved my soul in school. Hope she enjoys and continues to excel. Also on the reading front. I read above grade level as a kid. You might try 18th and 19th century authors. Often the content is ok for a younger mind. I'd start her with Austin or Twain. Good luck

  2. Yay for Hobbit! And teachers just suck who don't listen to parents and underestimate. I hope you do run into her some day....she can't possibly even want to be there as a teacher, which is utterly sad. So excited for the new path ahead of Hobbit!

  3. Wow, that's brilliant! And really sad about that teacher that you mentioned- but well done you for fighting for her and encouraging her! Congratulations! Laura x


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