06 June 2014

Time to recharge

We've been running nonstop since school was let out for the summer holiday so we're going to take this weekend and just relax.  We need to get back on a bit of a regular schedule since Hobbit has her appointment on Tuesday morning for testing to see if she should be in the Gifted Program at school next year.

I think I'm more nervous than she is over it but I've made sure that she understands how fabulous she is, regardless of the outcome.  If she scores well on the test and gets placed in Gifted, that's awesome.  If she doesn't get placed in Gifted, it's not big deal because like my daddy always says - "You get out of school exactly what you put into it."  It's just another avenue of coursework and the most important thing is her attitude towards it and her overall performance.  The school psychologist who will be administering the test told me that she will review her findings afterwards so that is nice.  We won't have to wait forever to find out if she will recommend skipping a grade, AP coursework, or simply keeping an eye on her and test again next year.

We went to our public library yesterday afternoon when Pokey got home for work.  I picked up all the delicious crochet books I could find.  It should keep me thoroughly entertained for the next few weeks.  Hobbit got a few things to read too and those will hopefully last more than a day or two each.  One of the hard parts about having a 9-year-old who reads on a 7th grade level - finding books that are challenging and still appropriate in content for her.  I know one thing she'll want to borrow, the Star Trek Craft Book I checked out.  She's such a Trekkie.

What about you - anything exciting planned for the weekend?

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