05 June 2014

Living the life

Yesterday was our first official day of summer holiday so Pokey and I took Hobbit to the beach!

If you can believe it, our Florida baby had never swum in the Gulf in her entire life...

This is mostly because I don't like the beach very much - shocking to some but it is very true.

This pirate ship was cruising around all afternoon.  Hobbit thought it was really cool - and so did I!

She is officially a beach bum now.  She was already asking when we could come back again within ten minutes.

Pokey and Hobbit were both born in Florida, so that must explain their absolute love of the beach.

She loved getting knocked about by the waves... look at her holding her breath with her cheeks puffed up.

These two spent the entire afternoon scooping up sand and searching for shells.

He was in hog heaven, lazing about in the Gulf and searching for shells with Hobbit.

I, on the other hand, sat happily on my towel and worked on a market bag that I had started earlier in the week.

I even wore my new sun bonnet which was surprisingly cool and extremely comfortable.

After some fun in the surf, Hobbit played with her new kite that we gave her.

She earned it by getting on the honor roll (all Bs), her gifted testing is Tuesday, and just being sweet.

There were a fair few boaters across the Gulf yesterday as well.  They may scare me but they're neat.

For all the icky parts associated with living in Florida, I will admit that there are some really pretty parts too.

The first official day of summer holiday was full of adventures, sunshine, cool refreshing breezes...

and giggles and smiles... lots and lots of giggles and smiles.

Pokey told Hobbit that he was stuck so she was attempting to dig him out so we could go to supper...

a 'POP' and a 'PLOP' later, he was freed.  She pulled so hard, she fell over and landed in the surf.

We hosed all the sand off, pulled on over cover ups and ended the day at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for some supper.

Oh yeah, for those curious, I did get in the water... about that much.  I saw Jaws, I know what happens...

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