29 June 2014

Exciting week ahead!

I know, things got a tad quiet at the end of week but I have really great reasons... I promise!!  Wednesday and Thursday were my days off work and I was Hobbitless so I spent them playing Lord of the Rings Online, finishing my Quidditch Semi-Finals, and making slippers for Hobbit's homecoming that happened on Friday morning.  Then I worked Friday night and Saturday I spent enjoying the company of my family since Hobbit had been gone for a week.  See, those are really good reasons, aren't they - oh yeah, and I was working on the final touches on something for y'all!!

I really love my Quidditch Semi-Finals hat.  It's an awesome tribute to Scotland!

I made these cute slippers for Hobbit.  I called my mom and had her measure Hobbit's feet while she was away.

They fit her perfectly and she loves the colors.
What was that... what was I working on for you?  Something stupendous that I certainly hope you will love.  Some of you may know this and some may not, but I started this little piece of work back in the summer of 2010... July 5, 2010 to be exact.  Which means, this is my anniversary week!!

Big deal?  I sure hope so because I reached out to some of my fabulous yarnie friends - Supernatural Yarns, Cuppycake Yarnz, Three Irish Girls, Nerd Girl Yarns, and Stackpole Books - to bring you some fabulous presents to celebrate my 4 year anniversary.  Still debating on if it's going to be a winner for each gift or one person gets a most awesome prize package but we'll know soon because it all starts tomorrow!!

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  1. How exciting! Happy anniversary week :) Those slippers are darling! I love the hat!!


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