16 June 2014

The journey is the reward

Motivational Monday 06162014
"The journey is the reward" - Joe Ranft
While I was designing this graphic, that quote has been playing in my head.  It just popped in there and has been running around on repeat.  I think it is God's way of telling me to stop wishing things away and refocus on what is happening around me.  It's a wonderful message and one that I need to hear every now and again.  I get so excited for the next big thing that there are countless little moments that I miss along the way.

This week, instead of wishing for days to fly by so that I can enjoy the events happening at the at the end of the week, I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the journey.  Make some memories in the moments that are happening right now instead of planning for memories later.

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